Reasons to convert …

- Tapes and VCR’s are
becoming a thing of the past. The life
expectancy of a tape is around 10-15
years. With wear the images become
grainy and the possibility of the tape it
self breaking.

Slides - Fade, Change color, colors
shift, scratch marks and residue builds
up with time.

Negatives - The same as slides,
negatives fade, change color, colors
shift, scratch marks and residue builds
up with time.

Photos - Fade, color change or shifts
and deteriorate with age.

Vinyl records (33's, 78's, 45's) -
Record players are becoming exstinct,
not to say vinyl records are easier to
scratch or gouge, and much more
prone to warping, which distorts the
original sound.
Turning your records into CDs for your
own personal use is a great idea, and
it's completely legal under the Fair
Use provision of the American Home
Recording Act (AHRA).

Cassettes - Another media that is
becoming obsolete. With repetitive
use, the tape builds up dirt, stretches,
tangles up or breaks.

Documents - Wills, Power of
Attorneys, Birth certificates, social
security cards, loan documents, real
estate records, insurance policies,
and more are just a few of the
documents you need to keep. Then
there are those precious memories of
your child’s art work, letters, Cards
from special occasions. Which all can
be easily located on a CD or DVD.
Don’t forget to have a copy made to
keep in a safe or safety deposit box.

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History of The Paths Taken
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VHS, Slides, Negatives, Photos, LP, Cassette to CD or DVD, Restoration, Duplication & Document Scanning
Welcome to History of the Paths Taken where we convert, preserve and enhance
your priceless, precious memories of old, to today’s digital world. Giving you the
peace of mind that you will be able to enjoy them for many more years to come.
You may delay,
but time will not. -
Benjamin Franklin
Here today -                                                                                                       
Gone tomorrow