About Us and Our Story.....
      Karen started the business with the passing of her
Mother. Leaving her the task of sorting through all of the
slides, negatives and photos to share with her sibling and
their children. Her Father, a shutter bug since his early
years, included many slides, negatives and photos of WWII,
Korean, Vietnam Wars, and travels all over the world. She
also had to figure a way to share her Grand Parents and
Great Grandparents photos. Karen made several phone
calls around the Tri-Cities area to enquire, and found that
the majority, shipped film off and prices were outrageous.

   Having a B.A. in Business Management, 30+ years in
Business Management, and taught Business Management
classes at a local College. She saw a need in the Tri-Cities
area for those that have similar situations. An investment
was made into several computer systems, professional
digital scanners, video and audio equipment.

   History of the paths taken is continuing to grow in our
services that we provide. We have currently expanded to
LP and Cassette conversion, Duplications of CD's and
DVD's, Photo restorations, and Document scanning.

   Our clients are individuals and major Companies.

   At History of The Paths Taken, you will find friendly,
professional service and attention to detail to each order