At History of the Paths Taken, we take each and every order as if
it was our very own. Special care and detail is given to each item.

History of the Paths Taken services have much to offer, so if you have a collection of fading and dusty
photos, vhs, records or cassette tapes, let us help you get digitized. Bring your precious film images back
into your life. There's lots of room for creativity with our DVD slideshow service, and make any slide,
negative, photo, documents to video.
If you don’t see what you are needing, please call and ask.

We take each and every order personal as if it was our very own. Your satisfaction is VERY important to us.

SLIDES & NEGATIVES -To get the best scans possible we start with the best slide & negative scanner
available, the Nikon Super Coolscan 9000 ED. We then finish by manually doing color and exposure
enhancements and a thorough quality review of each and every image, all by hand. Your negatives and
slides (Multiple film formats), will be restored from fading color, scratches, dust and we offer up to 4000 dpi-
true optical resolution.

PHOTOS -Your Photos can be scanned at 300 or 600 ppi. Allowing the photo to be printed (2400 or 4800
dpi) in the future or to be viewed in a larger print. Each photo will be manually inspected for exposure, color
and any needed cropping.

VHS, VHS-C, 8MM - Update your home movies on your vhs, vhs-c, 8mm to dvd. Allowing you to watch on
your DVD player at home, car or on your computer. We offer a basic conversion or adding titles to your
movies. At History of the Paths Taken we have a variety of equipment and software to meet your needs.

VINYL AND CASSETTES - are a thing of the past. Bring your cherish songs and song writers back by
converting them to cd. Up to 80 minutes incl. level optimization and track separation. The record is physically
cleaned before the recording is transferred and put through a filtering process which removes most pops
and clicks. In addition, a cd label will be included on your new cd. The front inserts (upon request) can be
made for the jewel case.

Are your old photos from yesteryears stained, scratched, water damaged, moldy, faded or torn? Our digital
photo restoration services are here to help you preserve these images for generations to come.
With our many photo retouching services, we can add, change or remove a background or object, repair
that old faded picture, or enhance the image.

DOCUMENT SCANNING - we also offer scanning and archiving of your important documents, letters,
newspaper articles, and art work to CD or DVD - formats that will preserve them a lifetime.

DUPLICATION - of personal cd’s or dvd’s are a great way to share with friends and family. All duplications will
include a cd or dvd label.  The front inserts (upon request) can be made for the jewel case.